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Monday, March 19, 2007

Lots more layouts done

My friend, Mandy, and I have been scrapping so much this year that we are caught up on our current photos and are going back. It's all thanks to a great site called Scrapstreet and some fabulous crops, along with two weekends away doing nothing but scrapbooking and cropping Friday nights at our lss.

It's amazing to have that much done. I feel so good because I don't have all that current stuff hanging over my head. I know it shouldn't feel that way, but it does. The few photos I have left from last year are all in bags, sorted by topic, and ready to be scrapped. I only have about 4 of those left! Isn't that great!

Now by no means am I anywhere close to being caught up! I have boxes and boxes of photos and memorabilia. But at least the current things are done! I am looking forward to going back and working on the kids baby books some more. It's fun to relive that time!

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