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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cakes and Magnolias

Well, we had our roses class last night. We had to bring our cake iced and ready to decorate. We used the e'motions for the side instead of zig-zag. Of course, we did the scallop top and bottom, and then our rose spray was done on the top. We also learned to make the bow.

I might have gotten a little goofey with my icing. I wanted to try all the colors in the gel colorant box. So I decided to make chocolate roses. I had to add a little chocolate to the green for the leaves and the bow or it would have been totally wrong with the brown. I learned that trick from another lady in class. Should have known it from scrapbooking.

The lady teaching our class told me that my roses were really good! I'll take a compliment from the cake expert! She also likes me writing, but honestly, we know that comes from all my scrapbooking, doesn't it!

I picked some flowers yesterday from my garden. I picked tiger lillies, gardenias, petunias and a magnolia blossom from my tree. I could not resist photographing my magnolia blossom this morning in the early morning light. It was so beautiful! I got two photographs I wouldn't mind blowing up.

Next cake class...get ready...we are making decorating cake squares with all kinds of little things on them. I'm looking forward to that. It's not so much the baking as it is the decorating. Ashleigh said she would bake and I could decorate if we had our cake business!!!

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