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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Top Of the Cake Rose Spray

Much to my excitement, our lesson was making roses! We worked on the full rose and also the little rose buds you see on the side. The little rose buds are supposed to be small like that. They are a spray off to the side.

Our next lesson is actually doing this on the top of a cake and doing some on the side. We have to bring a fully iced caked to class and our rose icing, which is thicker for stability.

One thing I am really good at is the writing. The teacher always comments on that.

I will probably do another color rose. I did pink this time and last time my flowers were pink. I noticed with the other colors that people used that the non-traditional colors are really cool. One girl did blue! I also think it helps to mix the colors of the roses using more than one.

My roses are somewhat small compared to the instructors. When I practiced at home, I think I have that figured out. It's the way I was holding my tip. I needed to tilt it out more.

I'm a cake decorator! And it's fun!

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