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Friday, May 11, 2007

Two Survey and First Cake

Nancy issued a Two challenge on her blog which she got from Two Peas. It sounds like fun so I am doing that today. I haven't blogged in a bit. Shame on me!


Two Names I Go by: Leigh and only my bff can call me Leigh Anny

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: T-shirt and jeans

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: Love and humor

Two of My Favorite Things to do: sneak a nap and scrapbook

Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: my pool to heat up and my kitchen to be clean

Two pets I have: Boo and Run

Two things I did last night: cooked dinner and watch ds play softball

Two things I ate today: coffee and soon to have a bagel

Two people I just talked to last: ds and dd

Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: varsity cheer carwash and sunning by the pool with an sb mag

Two longest car rides: moving coast to coast as a kid and driving the whole stinkin' way in the family station wagon! Once east to west...once west to east...

Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas and 4th of July

Two favorite beverages: Diet Coke and water

Now on to other things: I am taking a cake decorating class with my friend, Ashleigh. It also turns out a girl I used to work with is there, too, Donna and her dd, Sara. This class was something I wasn't sure about, but I hadn't hung out with Ash in a while. It turns out it is alot of fun. Maybe it is the artistic expression on the cake. I'm not sure, but making roses out of icing and decorating a cake like you see in a fancy bakery is rather satisfying. This is the first official cake I decorated. I sent samples to various people, and they thought it came from a bakery. I guess that would be the seal of approval! I thought it turned out remarkably well, and frankly, I'm rather proud of myself.
This was class number two. In class number one, we got some recipes, went over all the tips and tried a few things. For class two, we had to bake the cake and glaze it and bring our icing. Then in class we decorated it!
I've decided to bake a cake with a different recipe they gave us in class and decorate it for the Varsity cheer carwash tomorrow. I'm going to see if I can make pom poms out of icing... We'll see. I'll post my results!

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