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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Birthday Cake for Cake Book

I'm making a mini scrapbook of all the cakes I make. Of course, this is the one I made for dd's birthday. I used Sue Woods Creative Kitchens Kit. That little chef guy is so cute, isn't he!

I was supposed to make a cake for ds's church trip tomorrow, but my oven is broken. The stove works, just not the oven part. I've got to call someone to come fix it.

Do you know it was 106 degrees here today? Is that the craziest thing you've ever heard. One-oh-six. It's a record that was last set in 1900 when the high was 102.

Got another e-mail today for a lo for the September e-zine. Oh, I'm just so excited. Whatever I've done, I've got to keep doing it. Wish I knew what it was!

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Melanie said...

That cake layout is great, I love the chef die cut too.

Congratulations on the 2 layouts getting published and the cover finalist. woohoo.