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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

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1. I've been in the payload bay of a shuttle on the launch pad ready for a mission and in the payload bay of a shuttle in the VAB being prepped (loaded with stuff) for a mission. Why you ask? Used to work for the company, Rockwell, that built the space shuttles. I worked in FL.

2. I spoke fluent German at 10 and fluent Japanese at 3 and studied French for 9 years. Why? We lived in Germany for two years. Not on an American base. I went to a British school, but we lived "out on the economy" as they say. I still understand more than I can speak these days as I'm rusty. My parents were stationed in Japan when I was 3. We had a Japanese maid who didn't speak English. I loved her, and hung out with her...Takahashi. Wish the 'rents would have kept that up. I could really use that as an adult in a career! Crazy school I went to started us in French in 4th grade...French (authentic French lady) tutor for 2 years while we lived in Germany. Then the rest was school. I can at least find the bathroom and order food.

3. The ocean is my spritual home. What I mean by that is, when I go to the beach, I am amazed by every little detail and God's glory. It is everywhere. In every grain of sand, in every wave that touches the shore, in every bird, crab, shell, sunrise and sunset. His crayon box is glorious, and I feel His omnipresence and omniscience.

4. My desire is to be a full time cheerleading coach someday with a competition squad. I am getting certified by AACAA this Sat and am assisting with Varsity and JV, who need me when...so I'm on my way. I love the way the girl's rise to the challenge and are multi-talented with dance, gymnastics and of course, can cheer like crazy!!!

5. I love being a SAHM. Even though I went to college and got a degree, the jobs never gave me the fulfillment that being at the beck and call of my family does. It's not like that for everyone. I really tried to balance it all, but I got sick of hitting the glass ceiling and having asshole bosses who made me feel as if I had to choose between my family and work. As if there ever was a choice!

6. I miss my mother every day. Even though she has been dead for 4 1/2 years, she was my best friend. She died unexpectedly at the age of 62. She was a woman who never slowed down or gave up or gave in. We had alot of fun together!

7. I am petrified of snakes to the point I am paralyzed with fear when I see one. Just one of those stupid things. Hate them. Hate everything about them. Irrational to be sure, but that's a phobia for you.

8. After 18 years, I still think my dh is cute, fun, sexy and "the one". I enjoy his company and companionship and can't imagine anyone else that this amazing ride called life would be worth sharing with other than him!


Ambearluv said...

Ick... I am right there with you on the snakes, nasty creatures.

Melanie said...

Im with you both on creepy crawlies, hate them all. Lol

I used to speak Indonesian which I studied at school for 3.5 years.