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Monday, August 20, 2007

Digital's Next Top Scrapper

Digi credits:
Background paper, star paper, torn spiral notes, school rulz, reading labels: Got Class by Colleen Lynch
staple, bent index card, numbered paper: Miss Mint Recylcing Bin Bits
apple paperclip: Melissa Daniel
notebook paper frame: Traci Reed- Unbound
star: PSE shapes

Here is my layout for round 3. We had to do a t.v. show so I did High School Musical since the #2 just came out this past Friday. Yes, dd tortured me by watching it. I guess it was a good thing as it came in handy.

The thing about this contest is...you can't vote for yourself and you can only vote for two layouts each week. We have no idea what the standings are so I have no idea if I am doing good, bad or indifferent. On the bright side, I've gotten 3 layouts done! We'll have to see what round 4, the final round is.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

Thats a wonderful layout, I hope you win.