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Friday, January 14, 2011

It has a name!

Oh my friends, I am going to Segera, Kenya! I found out today because I got an email from our trip leader that I need to go to the 410 Bridge site and fill out all the necessary official information! Official information! Kenya! Pinch me! That's what I'll be doing today!
I looked up Segera. It's almost smack on the equator. I find that detail exciting and glad I have a sporty hat to wear to protect my skin. How cool to be almost on the imaginary line that runs around the center of our earth.
Ah and getting here has brought many sweet stories and acts my way. Last night one of my very dear friends sent me a donation. It might as well have been a million dollars because that is how it made me feel. He just moved, took a pay cut, had to get a second job and still put a Lil sumpn' in my coffer. Sweet, sweet, sweet.
I love every donation. Each one has a story with it. Each one is amazing. Each one is a piece of my journey to Segera!

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Carolyn said...

Oh sweetie!! I am SO excited for you. What wonderful news. When do you actually leave?