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Sunday, January 02, 2011


Ali Edwards is one of my favorite scrapbookers. She has a down to earth style I really enjoy. She captures everyday life in a creative, yet do-able way. One of the things she suggests is choosing is a word for the year. Sometimes this comes easy to me. Sometimes it does not. This year the word gratitude came shouting from my heart! How could it not be my word. My list of people helping me get to Kenya grows longer every day. There are people I don't even know who have helped me through etsy and just seeing my crosses around town. THANK YOU is a small set of words, but it carries a big sentiment from me.

I have decided I must dedicate my mission trip to a dear sorority sister battling cancer, Schelle Simcox. I am in awe of her attitude, her bravery, her determination, her fight. So I am going to make a bracelet out of memory wire with her name on it and wear her to Kenya! Yes, wear her. You are coming with me Schelle. The HOLY SPIRIT has put this on my mind constantly. I don't know what it means for either of us, girlfriend, but I know I must do it. You are in my heart and mind and so I will carry you, dear girl, to Kenya with me!

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