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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Schelle S.

Prolly shouldn't post peeps' last names on my blog, but then I often wonder who really reads it anyway! HA! It's like a journal for me. Well, for my Kenya trip it is. I just bought some paper last night from my lss to start printing out my journaling so I have it for my Kenya scrapbook.
Even before I have left, God has done some amazing things. I have grown closer to people and now I have a wish to celebrate my friend and AOII sis, Schelle, through my Kenya trip.  Celebrate her dedication, her spirit, her zest, her determination...and through my trip, which I offer up as a prayer for her, I hope that there is a divine intervention in her battle against cancer.

I've made us matching bracelets. Dorky, prolly but a representation of my dedication to her. Mine has her name on it. I am sending her one to wear. Then when I come back, we can switch out. She can have the one I took to Kenya. It seems silly to some, but to me, it is where I am being led. And this whole journey to Kenya is about where God is leading me.

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