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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nairobi or Bust Facts

I am going to the Segera region of Kenya, which is north of Nairobi. This is the area where I will be serving on the medical/dental mission! Since, 2009 NewSpring has sent 241 people over 9 trips to serve with the 410Bridge on medical and construction missions .  Do you know that they built a water system at Black Tank and it services over 4,000 people? Two kitchens were built in schools by those serving from New Spring. It might not seem like alot, but it sure does to me because imagine not having running water? Or going to school and there is no kitchen at your school. Imagine no medical care because you are in a remote area and too poor to get it. It just seems like a good thing for me to do to go to the Segera region and serve. I have to go. I was called by the Holy Spirit to do so. And He is providing in an amazing way!

As of today I have 10 more days to finish raising my funds. This morning I said I had $598 to go and a dear AOII and friend, Beth Walsh, took me right to $500. Yes, that happened! And then I sold one of my crosses this morning! I'm at $490! Amazing to me. But then Pastor Perry said if you are meant to go, the funds will be provided. And so they are.
Mind you, I have been fervently working towards this goal of $3,500, which I originally thought in my  human way to be insurmountable. How silly I was. The first donation paid my initial deposit and took me $100 into my goal. It has been a whirlwind of donations since that time. Steady. I can't take a single bit of credit. I know where they came from. Not from me or my asking, but the spirit moving within people to accomplish this goal.
Do you feel used? Ah, used by the Spirit. What an honor. And I thank each and every one of you!

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