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Monday, April 30, 2007

Old stuff and new stuff

I've been a very busy scrapper this year! Trying some different things, mixing old and new products. Check out the "my crew" lo. I used some old MME paper dolls and dresser, along with new faux stitches and Chatterbox paper, stickers and tags to make this lo. I think it turned out really cute. Just because the stuff is old, doesn't mean it doesn't have a life! We just have to think of creative ways to use it. So what if it's not in style either. The important thing is that we like it! I have a little journaling on the index card tucked in the pocket.

I absolutely adore this lo of my dear mother's wedding portrait. She is so stunning, and I wanted to keep the focus on the portrait, but create a delicate layout around it. Still have her dress in a box in case dd wants to wear it! This is a Becky Fleck sketch in case anyone was wondering. I like having the journaling on the delicate shade of yellow. Reminds me of daisies, which are our flower. No one else might get that, but I do!!!

OOOOPS Removed for publication in June Scrapstreet magazine. Will be back later!

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