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Thursday, January 17, 2008

DD bought this hat from AE with her GC from my sil for Christmas. It really is a silly hat, but she loves the darn thing! I'm definitely scrapping this photo! My laptop might be back today so maybe I will have something to show tomorrow!

I have been a working fiend since Sunday, but I am now of for several days. I'm very happy as I need a break to catch up on the ole housework. KWIM!

DS had the best day of his life yesterday because he had no exams, he got to stay home legally from school. That is his idea of heaven. I never let him miss school unless he has a fever, diarhea(sp???) or is vomiting. He got to sleep in and watch some shows and play video games. I did make him do some chores.

Now my two are on to a new semester and the last half of the school year starts today. New classes.

Not much else going on except my aggravating dog, Runt. When it is cold out, we bring the four dogs in at night. Runt is a Australian Cattle Dog according to our vet, but he looks like a Jack Russell/Corgi mix. He runs right in the house and jumps on the furniture trying to see if we will let him sit in the living room with us. We will not because in about 10 minutes, he will take a big poop in there. When he sees the other three running for the kitchen and hallway area where they sleep, he does go in with them. No bribe.

As for the morning...he's too smart for me. That's all I've got to say. He will run right to the oversized chair and sit there looking all innocent while the other 3 run outside to go potty. I've tried cheese. NOPE! Cereal. NOPE! DH said I must bribe with meat. Took out the ham. He looked very excited from his spot on the sofa. He sniffed the air and then buried his head in the pillow. Not budging.

I bring the ham over and wave it under his nose, carefully pulling the ham back as he snaps for it. He moved an inch, and realized he had moved, and so burrowed in the chair. He looked at me innocently. I know I've got to get this dog out or he is going to POOP in my living room. He just is like that. I try the ham again. No deal.

Finally, I have to go get a towel, in case he pees in excitement, and wrap it around him to cover his wee wee like a diaper. Then I have to lift his overly elongated body with his four little stumpy legs dangling and carry him outside. What a mutt!


evitangel said...

OMG - what a precious lady! cant wait to see you LO

AfriDigiDiva said...

Too funny about your dog! We used to have goats that acted like that. Somehow they always managed to get in the house and we could find them by following the berries that they left for us.

creatively obsessed said...

She is beutiful! Love the hat too, def. a gotta scrap:)