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Sunday, January 06, 2008

More Vintage Photos and Rasberry Road Talk

Here's some more things I found in the vintage suitcase from the closet. I think I may be through all the pictures. Now to go through all the clippings and letters!

This is my mother at age 20.

This is a corsage I found preserved from a dance in the vintage suitcase I'm going through. How cool is that!

This is my mother at age 7 playing in the snow. It appears to be across the street from the house where she grew up! Isn't this great!

This is from a newspaper article about the cheerleaders at her high school, which of course, features my mom. She also played basketball, field hockey and swam!

Rasberry Road CT
Credits: All papers and elements from the Heirloom Garden Collection by Raspberry Road Designs with the exception of a few elements taken from various Raspberry Road Designs Collections and the Inked Edge Overlay from the Overlay Collection Vol. 1 by Kris Myers. Template by Yin. By Cheryl, a Rasberry Girl.
Just click on the photo and you will go straight to the RR Girls' CT blog!

I really feel lost without my laptop. It's so easy just to sit down on the sofa and go to it. Instead, I have to be in the other room now, away from the family, with non of my stuff. I'm so spoiled. To think that before this was the only way I got on the computer, and it never bothered me then!

We are supposed to share a quirky fact about ourselves and do a lo about it using our favorite kit from Cottage Arts. Let me tell you my quirky fact: I will not drink milk out of a plastic cup. I think it's disgusting. Only a glass!

I haven't been digiscrapping using this computer. All my pics for the most part are on the other one with all my kits and such. I don't have PSE on here. This is the kids computer! It's so hard not to scrap.

Of course, I could paper scrap, but it has been so cold and my bonus room is freezing with those attic dormers. Even though I have a ceramic heater up there, I'd have to wait until it warmed up. BRRRRR!!!


erica922 said...

thank you Leigh for your comments! on my blog! i need to help my dh and i feel sad because I love my books, but!! :) you know!

Azrood said...

I'm soooo with you on the milk out of a plastic cup, lol! I can only drink milk out of clear glasses and only if the milk came straight from the fridge. So see, it's not that quirky! :)

HapEScrapr said...

More wonderful treasures in that closet! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Monique said...

Those are beautiful vintage photos, what an amazing find that must be! Have a great day!

Lynn Grieveson said...

Some great treasures there - my favorite is the one of your mother in the snow. BTW I'm with you on the milk in a plastic cup thing - I know exactly what you mean!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Such awesome photos you have. I haven't been able to get my mom to part with hers and I don't have a scanner that works anyway. (at least for now) Hope you can get your puter back up soon. I can't imagine not being able to scrap for too long. I took a 5 day vacation and lost my mojo then.

Mel said...

That first photo of your mum is gorgoeus, I can't wait to see how you scrap these photos.