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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Disorganized, Cottage Arts, and PSE 6.0

Digi credits: CottageArts Paper Bag by Julie Meade font: Enviro

This is my most recent lo done on my non-laptop computer with PSE 6.0 trial instead of my usual PSE 5.0. I HATE PSE 6.0. It is aggravating. Not that I was considering changing, it was a matter of convenience to try and get some lo's done because I was going crazy not scrapping!

I'm not sure why, and I have yet to figure it out, but when I put an element on the page, it ends up with a gray background, that I have to cut out. Annoying when you have do to this on every element. And, one element it wouldn't even let me put on the page, which of course, was the one I wanted the most. It kept giving me some stupid message. If this is an "improvement" from PSE 5.0, then bump that is all I've got to say!

I love this Paper Bag set by Julie Meade at CottageArts.net. It really is alot of fun and versatile. The alphabet is one of my absolute favs. I must say about the stitching, too. It is the most realistic I have seen of anyone's. Top notch!

Let's see what else is going on? I am off today and then work for seven days straight. I can't complain though, because they are majorly cutting hours, so I'm lucky to have the mega hours I do have!

I heard a great talk last night on radio by Chuck Swindoll about the uniqueness of each child and appreciating that in your children. Having a child with ADHD, and I mean the poster child for ADHD, and one that is not, and a boy and a girl and so on...I have been very careful not to compare them to each other because I do not want one to feel either one is favored, more special, or better. Both my children bring joy to my world and brighten my day...except for the teenage part. Sometimes they both really chap my hide! LOL! Anyway, hug your kids today and appreciate what makes them different. It's what makes the world go around and keeps us from being bored.


Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Glad you got some scrapping done, even if it was a pain with the new program. I wish I could help you on it, but I'm a CS2 user.

I have a boy and a girl too, both grown now, and although neither had ADHD (or any other health issues), I always wanted to make sure I treated them equally like you. I didn't want them feeling that one was being slighted or anything, I loved them both more than anything in the world, and they were different, but they were both wonderful.

Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Glad that you're able to get some scrapping done. I can't believe that PSE6 is that much different from 5. But wow, it sounds like a nightmare to me. I think I'll stick with my 5.

Azrood said...

LOL! What a fantastic layout! I can so totally relate! I'm a piler too. As long as I have my piles I can find anything and as soon as I file or organize my office it's as good as lost, lol!

Anonymous said...

Now wait a second, I thought I had the poster child for ADHD. LOL That sounds like a wonderful program you listened too! And what you say is so true. I'm the same way, I really try not to compare Jordan to the girls.

Can't help you with PSE 6, I use PSP, but that sounds like a major pain in the toosh! Maybe someone has some thoughts?

Have a great day off!

Robin L said...

I love your lo! I also use psp so I cant help out. I have 1 son whos 20 and 1 daughter whos soon to be 10 and they are so different. Each test me in different way but are so alike in other ways. It sounds like a wonderful program you listened too.

HML said...

Great LO. I LOVE it.

I CAN help with PSE6. I too was frustrated at first. But have you tried the new selection tool? WAY cool. So, what you're doing (I'm thinking) is trying to drag an element/paper/etc. from the bin at the bottom into the LO on the main screen. Not sure why they did this, but you can't do that in PSE6. It moves it into a frame layer, hence the grey box. So, just remember, don't drag up, drag down. Double click on the layer/element/paper you want to add, and then drag it down onto the LO in the bin. I'm sure they had a reason, can't figure it out.... But there it is. Good luck. Once I got use to this I love it. Fellow CA CT member.

Mel said...

I love the disorganised page Leigh, the way you have put the photos is wonderful.