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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Just some random chatter today. I started a lo last night, but honestly, after working all day and then being aggravated by a flagrantly defiant JV cheerleader and having her mom in my face, I didn't feel the mojo!

I don't usually do the JV games, but they have run off two coaches with their attitude and the other Varsity coach was ill so I had to step in. Mind you, I'm a volunteer. When I got to the game, this girl showed up ten minutes late. Why? Cuz she didn't know what time to be there. No one told her. They announce it at every practice. I said that she should have asked one of the 15 other girls on her squad if she wasn't sure and to take 2 laps. The bball team was running to warm up so she could just fall in line with them and since no one was there, it wouldn't be a big deal. She tried the "she didn't know tact", but I have no sympathy for that this late in the year. Next thing I look up, and no lie, this girl is walking around the court. WALKING right under my nose. Now, I have 12 girls looking at me to see what I'm going to do. I told her to run, not walk. She told me she'd get sweaty. (um, hello? You're a cheerleader, duh...) Run. She said she wasn't running. I told her fine, that she could sit on the side and not cheer for me.

She ran to her momma who got all up in my face in front of the 13 girls. (I had 2 others that were late, but one of those just doesn't give a crap. I knew she'd be running when she got there.) Now, if I just say, "Oh, your momma yelled at me. You can just go in the game." What lesson is learned. The principal wasn't there because momma wanted to know who else she could talk to. The AD wasn't there either. What's a girl to do??? And I don't coach them so they can't run their laps tomorrow because how do I know they will do it? With that bunch, I know for sure they wouldn't!!!

Anyhow, they called the other varsity coach and since she's doing their practice, she said they will run today. Fine. I'm off the hook. And everyone behaves for the rest of the game.

Now, I went to yoga this morning. It was fab! I also have lost 2 lbs with the "coach" at the gym where I go. Right now it's about our eating. So I'm still waiting for him to give me a fitness plan. My diet is pretty good. There are some areas for improvement, which I know so I guess I'll focus on improvement this week and also exercise! LOL! I'll take 2 pounds. My goal is to lose 10 while I do this program. I'll take 8, if that is all I get!

Mind you, I lost those two even with being at the beach for the weekend! YAY!

Soon to have a licensed team driver at my house. She nearly lost her priviledge before she ever got it. She went out to start the car this morning and then actually HONKED the horn at me to come as it was time to go she had decided. DO NOT HONK THE HORN AT YOUR MOTHER or you will not get your license any time soon.

So mainly today I'm just doing stuff...laundry, errands...scrapping! YAY! That's my treat later today!


absolutartist1 said...

Glad my kids aren't old enough for me to be dealing with those headaches yet! LOL Hope you get some great scrapping time today!

Robin L said...

Holy buckets you have had alot on your plate. I know this isnt close to what you do but I was a brownie troop leader for 1 yearand I couldnt take it after 6 months lol All I can is parents and kids are not the same and my kids will NEVER at like that. Enjoy your day.

Jamie said...

LOL...on the one with the almost-license. I'm so glad we're through those days!

Sarah said...

OH Boy Do I Like You!! I would have done exactly that! Make that girl run and her mom too! And LOL at the don't honk at your Mother!! I feel ya, mine has a few more years to go,but I can imagine she'll try the same move.
Thanks for visiting my blog!
HAve a Wonderful Weekend!!