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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cottage Arts News and Rasberry Road

credits: HERE, and if you want to leave me some love, you can!!!

This lo is made using the Sunflower Susie Collection by Rasberry Road. Click on my blinke if you want to check it out. And if you like it, a QP based on it will be released on 9/18 at her site! I know, cuz I did it!

OMG! They just said that if you live in a 1 or 2 story house in Galveston, you need to leave or you will die. So my dh put this in perspective for me at our beach house, which is up on stilts, that the water would be up to his neck on the 1st floor at the expected levels. The sea is such a powerful force, that at that depth and ferocity, it would level what was in its path. How scary! I hope everyone listens and evacuates.

DD is still sick. The strep has really wiped her out. I feel so bad for her. I have used all my motherly knowledge to keep her comfortable.

Ds has worked every day this week except Sunday and Tuesday. I'm so stinkin' proud of him I could bust! He hasn't complained one time, well except for trying to keep his check, but his fight was short and he showed up with his insurance $$ for me today. What a good boy!

Cottage Arts has released 2 calendars for 2009 with more to come. HERE to check it out. This is the blurb from the site.

"You can see it comes with alot of goodies for you to personalize the CD calendar: Our very popular CD Case Calendar is back once again...this one having an everyday theme in creams, browns, greens, and blush. The everyday theme comes with 16 monthly calendar overlays (Sept 08-Dec 09), 7 patterned paper ScrapOver Templates, 1 texture overlay (play with layer blend modes for more possibilities), and 4 frame clusters. You can use the plain calendar overlays as they are and simply drag a photo behind them, add the vellum flourish overlay over the photo (beneath the calendar), or use one of 7 different ScrapOver templates with a photo mat opening. We've included 4 of the frame clusters if you would like to use them with other backgrounds or simply on white. Print 2-up on your home printer. Take a CD case and pull it back for a fun easel desk frame (slim line with black back work real well)."

And finally, our news told us there was a shortage of gas and that in some parts of the country, due to Ike, gas had already reached over $5.00. Locally one of our gas stations was limiting customers to 10 gallons each. Now you know with them saying that, it caused a mass panic (in our small town). Walmart was backed up all in its parking lot with people lined up to get gas at each of its pumps. The station at the end of our neighborhood had an accident due to cars lined up in the road waiting to pull off to get gas. Mind, you we decided to fill up since the national news said that the floating oil rigs and such might get damage causing a shortage like after Katrina. OMG! Now, I'm trying to restrict my teenage drivers to ONLY drive where they must and NO hauling anyone anywhere.


Melanie said...

I hope everything is okay there, it sounds like a very scary time for all at the moment.

Beautiful layouts Leigh, I love the journalling on the beach one.

Dielle said...

So crazy about the gas. I live in the NW and don't think it's been a problem here, but I live in the country, so maybe I've missed something. It's been a few days since I went to town. Love your LO, especially the one about the sand. I feel that same way going to the beach!

Claudi said...

wow limited gas?? this is bad!! In germany gas is really expensive so I know how it feels to pay much for gas!

your layouts are wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say hello.
You have some lovely things.

Helena said...

I like the graphic grungy look on the beach layout. Very cool.

Sara E said...

your reflections LO is very cool.. I love that idea

and... so sorry you have the gas rationing around your area... we don't have any gas panic in Phoenix yet & hopefully we won't

I hope your daughter feels better soon ........... and very cool about your son .. isn't it great to be a mom?