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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Calendars Galore!

I'm cruising calendars for Christmas gifts. They are big bang gifts, as in people love them, and they are not hard to do at all! Check out this one by Beth Rimmer at Digitals. It fits right on the Ethan chipboard album by Cosmo Cricket, also available there. Easy and convenient!

CottageArts.net has a delicious selection of calendars in all sizes from CD cases to 11x17 that you can print out and put in an acrylic frame! I'm working on one of those right now and plan to make this terrific CD calendar that I'm showing you here!

And, Tangie Baxter Designs is having a one year BASH with lots of FREEBIES, new releases, and sales starting Oct.1-3. So mark your calendars and pop over. I've been a lucky dog and gotten to see all the stuff that is coming. You know how talented Tangie and her crew are so save your $$ and c'mon over and join in the fun!

Big news on my laptop home page this morning: Clay Aiken is gay. Are they kidding me? Like no one knew? Yeah, he just came out, but pu-leeez, it's not headliner news.


Cate Sforza aka absolutartist1 said...

Theseare awesome calendars! Thanks for the inspiration!

Creative Junkie said...

ooooooh, love that Cottage Arts calendar - graphic and grungy, right up my alley!

I'm hoping to do calendars this year for my family - if I can organize my photos and find the time, I'll be all over it!

And yes, not too surprised about Clay. But did you see his baby? Could he possibly BE any cuter? (the baby, not Clay)

catherine said...

Wow love your new banner, so cool! and thanks for sharing all these fabulous calendars! :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE making calendars too! It's that time of year again, thanks for sharing some of your resources!
Have a Great Day!

MrsRomer said...

Been wanting to make calendars this year, may even try that cd one.

Melanie said...

Thanks for the link for the calendars, I love the template for Cottage Arts.

I had to google Clay Aiken, I had no idea who he was. lol

Jennifer said...

love that calendar! totally awesome!

Jennifer said...

love that calendar! totally awesome!

Charlie's Nana said...

Thanks for the links to the calendars. I think I just might give that a try this year.