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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Rasberry Road LO

I made my lo using the Boys To Men Collection available from Rasberry Road Designs. And then I made a QP based on my lo. To get the QP, if you are interested, CLICK HERE and you can download it!

Oh, I got so many comments about the nasty little cheerleader. Y'all have no idea what a crushing decision it was to leave, but with my hands tied behind my back, it's impossible to effectively coach. So thanks for your support. But some decisions are perhaps the Holy Spirit hitting us over the head for not seeing earlier messages. As bummed as I was, when I hit the lss to sign up make a deposit on an all day crop, she asked me to teach a digi scrapping class! WAHOO! Now that's right up my ally. So I'm jazzed!

I've got a kiddo down with strep. 1000mg of Amoxicillon 2x per day. You know she's puny!

I have a weird allergy that I get on my hand from touching something I am allergic to which erupts into a strange kind of hives that blister and hurt and itch. Today I had two eruptions on my hand. I'm about to go crazy itching! ACK! I'll ask the dermatologist when I see her next.

Ds got his first paycheck from his new job which he so richly informed us that he needed to keep to use towards the car. AHEM! You will put 1/2 of your check in to pay for your insurance son! Driving isn't free. The rest you may have towards gas or whatever. GEEEEZ! What are they thinking?

Saw a cute movie today called "Smart People". Dennis Quaid was in it and that girl from Juno (which I disliked that movie!). It has some very funny lines in it and is a cute movie about a quirky family. I rather enjoyed it and had more than a few laughs. That to me is entertainment!

I guess I am chatty today. Oh well! Thanks for stopping by!


Melanie said...

Congratulations on the digi class you are teaching, when one door closes another opens and this is the door for you.

I wish DD a speedy recovery Leigh, I hope she is feeling better soon.
And I hope you are feeling better soon too, how do you treat the hives?

I love that layout you created. It looks fantastic.

Barb said...

I think you did the right thing too, regarding the cheerleaders, Leigh. I don't get the level of disrespect these days.

movefearlessly said...

it had to be hard, but i think you made the right choice. respect is a big deal in our home, i hate it that so many don't understand its importance!

Jan Connair (Magpie) said...

Congrats on the digi class, that sounds like fun!

Could you possibly have shingles? That's from being re-exposed to the virus that causes chicken pox, only you get a rash that blisters and is very painful, and it keeps cropping up on and off for like a month. Whatever it is, I hope it goes away real soon for you.

Lisa Joy said...

Glad that another door opened for you.
I hope you figure out the allergy.

Maggie said...

hi leigh
please email me your addy at mrsdavis 1024 at yahoo

Angie (mighty-nice) said...

Thanks for the nice qp! I saw and liked Smart People,too. They were an odd little family! Visiting from IL via the DST blog train - come find me here: htpp://isladeangela.wordpress.com/

Len said...

Congratulations on the class you are now teaching. I would have thrown a fit if that cheerleader did that to me. I have minimal patience for people like that. Well, hope you're feeling better and that QP looks great!