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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Follow ME!

Do you like to read my blog? Even on occasion? If you are a blogger, you can add me to your list of followed blogs. Select DASHBOARD after you log in. Towards the bottom you will see an tab that says "Blogs I'm Following". Select "ADD" and type in my address. It's that simple! Then you can follow me on my scrapbooking adventure!

If you check on my sidebar, and scrolldown, you can see I follow Rasberry Road CT blog, although I follow others, that is the one I added so far. It gives you choices about what you want to display. I chose to have it display snippets so I can get a glimpse and pop on over if I want to check it out!


Bev said...

Like the new features! Thank you for visiting my blog!

Melanie said...

I haven't had a play wiht this new feature yet, lol.

I will add you though.