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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Camera and A LO and TEENS

Everything is CRD!

So I made this lo yesterday. I also made 3 ATC cards for Tangie Baxter Design's upcoming ATC Emporium release on June 25th. Can't post those.

Maybe that is what sapped my creative energy? I made the ATC's first. Then I tried two lo's and had to get rid of them. This was my third attempt. I went with some Christmas photos, hoping that if I got out of the current photos that it might spark a lil sumpin. I don't know if I will scrap today or not as I have to go to work later. But that might be a good thing. Get some mojo going!

I decided to use the manual settings on my camera to photograph my ds for before his Senior pics at school. I figured I would go with 800 ISO because I like the look it gives for portraits and then use an f/stop around 4.0. Well, my camera, being a Kodak Z740 only goes up to 400 ISO so I used 200 because I did like shooting with that when I was in the film world and using my SLR. Daggum gas prices keeping me from getting my digital Rebel. I shot one I really love. I just miss having total control with my Z740, although it has a 10x zoom and does take good pics.

More teen stories...dd's friend, C came in the house and took his shirt off. He was hot, only to reveal about 5 hickies on his chest. I said to him,"OMG what happened to you."
C, who at 17 thinks he might be smarter than me, replies, "Oh, messing around with them." (meaning his brother and my ds)
I looked at him and said, "They look like hickies to me."
Snagged. Exactly what they were. He confessed.
Remember the girl I had to shuttle out of the room full of boys? Well, he just so happened to hook up with her when he took her home. Which then led to a whole conversation with dd and her friend and them about how he could do better and blah blah blah.
Let's see...horny boy. Willing girl. Do better? I'm sure he was very happy.
But the icing on the cake was when C said to me, "How do I get rid of these? Isn't there something you can do? They hurt." bwahahahahahhahahah "Shoulda thought about that when you were getting them."

Then, earlier in the day, C and his brother, D, got their senior pics. I had to take them. Well, I said I would because they have no a/c in their car and they were upset about being sweaty. Once again I had to tie the ties. Meanwhile these two, who are fraternal twins, are fighting about: their dad calling and who will answer the phone, who got the shirt with the bigger collar, who always gets the shaft, no belt, who's G, who's not. Finally, I looked at them and said, "I'm glad I only have two children. If I had added two more to the mix and had to go through this x2 every day, I'd be in the funny farm."

They looked at me and said in all seriousness, "Oh, that would be bad."

Do they really have any idea?

Then ds calls me from work and complains I have no snacks. His friends are complaining about the crummy snacks we have. I cannot keep up with these locusts. They swarm in, consume everything in sight, and swarm out. "So buy some I said."

I'd had enough. I was teened out. OMG! I needed a break. I was mean. I wouldn't let anyone stay over. And now, my house is quiet. I'm at peace. Recuperated. AHHHHHHH!


Jane/Wags said...

Time for teens to get a job and start buying their own snacks! Bet they quit handing them out freely to their friends when they are the ones footing the bill!

Azrood said...

Well, I'm impressed with all the talk about ISO and f/stop since I actually have my Rebel, but have yet to figure out any of the settings...other than manual of course, lol! You did a great job with the portrait! I love how you can see his class ring!

Michelle said...

Your DS is so handsome! Great photo of him. I like how you used the window frame in your lo. I downloaded those too and am trying to think of a creative way to use them. Thanks for the inspiration!!

michellewaite1 said...

Cute layout. My kids are still young, but it sounds like quite an adventure with teens around.

carjazi said...

Wow, I still can't fathom raising teenagers. And isn't it funny how kids always think that they seem to know more about sex and stuff, like they invented it. I'd have to say that from the sounds of it, you're one cool mom. I hope your kids appreciate it.

Hope you keep your sainity and find your mojo. It's probabbly hanging out with all the other lost mojos somewhere on a beach. lol

Have a great night.

Melanie said...

Your really turning me off having any more kids Leigh. PMSL

That is a gorgoeus photo of DS, he is a handsome young man.

Beautiful layout too.