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Friday, June 13, 2008

A Cat's Fantasy & Medical Chat

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I made this lo imagining what my cat might dream about. I shot this pic when she was looking out of my screened porch at birds???? bugs??? something else??? So I thought I would have some fun with it.

digi credits: HERE

This is a little page for a book I am going to make for my son documenting his senior year.

My dh went to the dr. on Friday. Hard to believe (see prior post) but he was having pains in his kidney area that had awaken him during the night. The dr. determined it was not a kidney stone and sent him for X-rays.

The x-ray check in lady told my dh that he had been there three times lately, and he had to pay first. WTF? We have insurance with a major insurance company, and he is employed by a Fortune 100 company. The hospital hasn't even had time to file the insurance from the day before so of course we would have a balance...blood work, colonoscopy and now the x-ray. She tried to extort $700 out of him, but he told her no. She remaneuvered and he told her no again. Finally he gave her $100. Now, the last time I checked, we have active insurance so they aren't supposed to "deny" us service. Which is what he basically told her, "Take the $100 or I'll take my money and go somewhere else."

This type of treatment has really chapped my hide! Especially since the doctor asked for an immediate "wet" reading. Did he get it? NO. Did he get his report today? NO! So on Monday, I am going to call up there and raise hell. I'm glad it wasn't an emergency. I am really turned off by this hospital. We can't use the other one in town, which gave better service as his insurance changed and we are forced to go to this FOR PROFIT place instead of the other, which was NOT FOR PROFIT.

Not only that, when he was recovering from being anesthetized, he was in a room where the gurney fit. There was a sink about a foot away and a chair (for me) next to the sink. The nurse, who was a healthy woman, could not fit her butt in between me and the gurney. What type of facility is this? At the other hospital, you got a full room. This one is squeezing you in like a Japanese hotel and compromising the care you get by making a large nurse have no room. I suggest they either build a bigger room or hire smaller nurses that will fit in their sardine can. It was really a turn-off.

Oh, I almost wrecked my blog. I was in the HTML trying to figure out my ad-sense...not that I've ever made any money from it, but they sent me an e-mail to update it to google. Anyway, I was looking for this code they asked for and changed something, only to discover I'd lost all my customization. I wasn't able to get it back. However, it seems to have recovered by itself and then I decided to change to this black background to see if I like it or not.


Lara said...

Love your layouts, really different and sooo wonderful! And wonder how can you manage to create for so many CT´s, wow, you rock!

michellewaite1 said...

Great layouts. I am sorry you had so many problems at the hostpital.

ScrapShana said...

What an aweful story about your husband's trip to the hospital! Hope the tests come back good and there is nothing serious.
BTW-LOVE the cat layout. My fur baby looks a lot like yours! ;)

Armina said...

i also hate commercial hospitals.... I hope your DH get well soon :)

LuAnn said...

Ouch! I feel for you guys! that's terrible that hubby had to put out $100 to be treated!!! Geesh!!! and LOL @ the hiring of smaller nurses to fit the sardine can of a room LOL...

Melanie said...

Your layout is gorgeoous Leigh.

Im sorry to hear your husband is unwell, it took me a minute to figure out what "healthy woman" meant. Very Politically correct. Lol