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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Christina Renee and When Do You Work

digi credits:HERE

That is my latest creation using Christina Renee's designs, including her latest Freebie at DST: The Scenery-The Royal Garden. I hope y'all have been downloading those cuz the heart, fish, hearts with arrows, star and UP are all from her freebie this month, too, at DST!

I told my son to be sure he had off Tuesday this week as he was getting his wisdom teeth out. Okay says he.

Tonights conversation went like this:
Me: Matt, when are you working this week?
Matt: Tuesday & Friday
Me: Matt, you can't work Tuesday. You are having your wisdom teeth out.
Matt: I know.
Me: I told you to tell Ryan you needed Tuesday off.
Matt: I did. We're having a tournament.
Me: Well, you can't work.
Matt: I know.

Why did I bother to tell him to be sure he had off? Anyway, he has to trade with someone now or WORSE, embarrassing Mommy will have to intervene!

UNCOOL: This girl at work asked me to work last Sunday for here which was my Sunday off. I did. She promised to work for me this Sunday, today. Did I hear from her? NO! Did I call her twice and text her. Youbetcha. Did she ignore my calls. Youbetcha. Did I have to go to work today. Youbetcha. Was I pissed? Youbetcha. Will I ever do anything for her again? NOPE! (Did you think I was gonna say YOUBETCHA?)

It was 101 degrees in the shade on our porch today. IN JUNE! Early June at that. That is HOT no matter how you slice it. Whew!

I've got to get out early and water tomorrow so everything we've planted lives. It was too hot by the time I woke up this morning for it to do any good. So I'll have to water extra tomorrow. Hate to see that water bill, but I gotta protect my landscape investment!

Any movement at all outside tomorrow will require a dip in the pool. That's what I do. Work a lil, dip a lil, work a lil, dip a lil! LOL!


Pillowgirl said...

Oh I wanna dip too!

I love your extractions, they are so fun. I read below and saw the elephant peeking in on the pool and almost spit my coffee through my nose. Great layouts, such creative energy :)

Creative Junkie said...

oh man, that is hot! We're at 94 degrees and I'm having trouble coping with that! Above one hundred? I'd just be a puddle on the floor.

Sorry you got taken advantage of ... but I firmly believe in karma and there's probably a flat tire or a blown water heater or something in her near future.

And as always ... you layout is amazing!

thumper6423 said...

Love the layout! So not cool about the girl at work.

Catherine said...

Fantastic Lo, it is so much fun to scrap LOs with CR's stuff! I am so dreaming of some hot weather! lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Love the layout Leigh!! Too funny with Matt...it sounds like ALL my conversations with JOEY!! LOL....it was 95 down here, and yep....work a little, dip a little...(that could make a great title for a scrapping page... :) ) Have a great day, and don't forget your sunscreen!!!

Amanda said...

terrific layout! My son is just like yours. You think it has to do with that X chromosome!? Sorry you are working with a jerk. i hate people like that! Karma's a --tch!

Melanie said...

Do you get paid for the extra day at work? Grrr

Wonderful layout Leigh, you have such great ideas.