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Thursday, June 05, 2008

digi credits: HERE
So this is my attempt at (1) one of those fantasy lo's that so many people do and (2) a big picture lo for my challenge at Tangie's Loft June 20th, that I am hosting (and keep mentioning). I had alot of fun doing it, and I must say, I rather like the way it turned out.

digi credits: Tangie Baxter Beach ATC freebie @ DST (check out her Queen of the Day thread) & Mehndi Caravan, CRD Ultimate Art & StoryBoards 2.

The city where I live has turned down my claim against them saying that "they had no prior knowledge". I wonder how they explain my husband's phone call to them and my two phone calls to the City Manager? Bastards. I knew they were gonna do that. Deny the first time. I read RAINMAKER by John Grisham. I know all about denial as a standard procedure because most people will go away. So tomorrow I call the Mayor and forward my picts and story to a newscaster in the Junior League with me. Maybe that will get their attention? Too bad my friend moved whose husband was the head of our paper here. I'd be all over that, too!

Who wants to talk about that crap anyway? Not me. I have enjoyed day 3 of my 4 days off by scrapping, blog train(ing), praise game(ing), and swimming in my pool which is now a temperate 90 degrees! OH YEAH!

I also spent part of the day watering as it was nearly 100 deg here today. All those new plants and shrubs to to my plumbing fiasco need to be watered to live! Next to get in-ground sprinkler system so that everything we planted doesn't die. I feel like I'm in a money pit right now!

Tomorrow is errand day as we are out of groceries. Ds had his two friends over today. They were eating everything in sight, of course, being teenage boys. Each had a Totino's pepperoni pizza. One had some chips. The other had some nuts. They finished a thing of lemonade I had made. Gotta stock up. This was just their pre-dinner snack!

Dd has not been seen all day. She has possession of the car, and that means, was long gone!

Which brings me to my final comment of the day. I had to take pictures of myself enjoying my pool as ds was not home for most of the day and neither was dd. I guess the tide is changing, and I will be scrapping more things than just the kiddie patrol, eh!!!

And rest assured, there are not full length photos of me in my bathing suit. Why would I do that! LOLOLOLOL!


chantillylace said...

Lovely LO

123 said...

I love your fantasy layout!! Its just wow, I thought it was an ad for something!

Creative Junkie said...

I love your layouts - they are so innovative!

And I know what you mean about your kids having friends over and you're out of groceries. I'm always surprised at how much two little girls can eat - when my daughter has a friend over, it's unreal! Why won't she eat anything when she's here by herself? That's a mystery.

Amy Eileen said...

LOL You crack me up.

So sorry to hear that you are still having trouble there. Their main goal is to deny until you give up. Good thing you are a strong person.

Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Beautiful stuff!

Have a great weekend!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Those are the coolest layouts. Oh yeah, your blgheader ROCKS!

Melanie said...

Your fantasy laoyut is wonderful Leigh, love the elephant.

Sorry to hear they denied. Insurance companies always do that, you need to fight on.