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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Christina Renee PlayTime

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Okay, so I feel like I've managed to rock out 3 lo's that just tickle me pink. Sometimes the creativity is right on! KWIM! What I hate are those brain fart lo's. Do you have those? When your brain just apparently stops working, and you put something together and think,"Oh my, that's not that great."

I hope that you enjoy the last lo up on my post as it is for a blog challenge at Tangie Baxter's Loft. Click on my Tangie blinkie and you will be able to get to the challenge. The challenge was about your inspiration in creating a lo. What a great idea! Anyway, so that's what I made.

I spent my first day off pruning, cleaning up "left overs" from the mass planting, and trying to be in the shade and not get sunburned...all the while taking a dip in the pool whenever I got hot! Now that is a perfect day! The pool is a perfect 86 degrees. You can just walk in and not feel cold. I love it when it is like that! I love it when it is 90 degrees and we can night swim. You could night swim now, too, but I prefer the pool to be warmer.

I can only top this day by a nap under a tree by the side of the pool. Perhaps tomorrow!


Barb said...

So happy to see you around CRD! YAY!

Michelle said...

Your lo's are stunning!

Azrood said...

Great layouts! You've been a busy little scrapper. I find that I always scrap in clusters, when the waves of creativity finally kick in.

I so wish I could spend today sitting by the pool, but alas I'm destined to spend 10 hours chained to my desk in the office today. :(

Amanda said...

gorgeous layouts! your blog is a scraplifter's treasure trove!

Jane said...

I envy you! It is cold, rainy and stormy in my neck of the woods - only way I'm venturing into a pool today is if it is indoors and heated!

Creative Junkie said...

gorgeous layouts!

We're finally going to get some hot weather. It's June and we're still wearing heavy coats to watch softball games at night. But this weekend is supposed to be 90 degrees so finally, I think summer is peeking through. Pool time!!

michellewaite1 said...

great layouts. Thanks for sharing.

Rose Farver said...

Wow three layouts! I'm jealous it takes me forever for just one!