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Monday, June 16, 2008


I hope you like my lo. Everything is from Christina Renee. I'm too lazy to link tonight. I've had a trying day in the parental realm.

So I've decide talent never sleeps. That's what I think after seeing Christina Renee creating non-stop for DST and Tangie going crazy getting ready for her ATC spot in her shop. Personally, I could do with a nap. I'm tired! LOL!

How many kids can you have at your house at one time? Let's see, ds showed up with six friends to swim in the pool, and shortly thereafter, dd showed up with two friends in tow. That makes ten teenagers at my house. Perhaps one would worry that I would turn into the crazy cat lady with all this going on, but I read a post the other day, which made me hugely relieved.

You see, that lady was the CRAZY CAT LADY. She showed up at a neighborhood bbq with her cat on a leopard print leash. She told people that she bought him a live mouse every week for him to chase in the house. Most weeks he caught it.

So, I am not a CRAZY CAT LADY, yet.

One friend of ds's had to borrow a bathing suit. He kept saying that the legs were too tight, and he could hardly move. Frankly, that was the least of his problems. Over 1/2 his ass was hanging out. You see, my son is very lean and this boy was corn fed! LOL!

Ds's crew involved one girl who is one of the boys. I guess it's a good thing because she announced that her boob fell out of her bathing suit. I asked her if she would like a t-shirt thinking she might have some modestly and was assured that, "No, I'm fine." OOOOOOOkaaaaaay! Personally, I prefer to keep my boobs in my suit, and if one made a mistaken appearance, I wouldn't announce it. And I would've taken the t-shirt.

When ds and friends finished swimming, they went upstairs for a video game session and shut his door with girl in room. OOOOOOH NOOOOOO THEY DIDN"T!

DD says to me, "Are you going to get that girl?"
I said, "No, they won't do anything to her."
After all, she would probably kick their butts. She's a toughie. But this doesn't satisfy dd. She wants to know why ds can have a girl in his room and she can't have a guy in his room. "It's because I don't have a penis."

Fabulous. my dd said penis to me. It's a modern generation. She wasn't embarrassed, so I guess I have done my job as a parent who wants to keep the lines of communication open.

"No, it's because you don't have a reputation and she does, but I'll go take care of it."

So off I go. "Matt, no girls in your room."
His friend says, "Are you kidding me?"
I said, "Do I look like I'm kidding?"
"No. But he's seventeen."
"Is he married? No girls in his room unless he's married."
"You're serious."
"Yes, I'm serious."
"I didn't know you were like that."
"I'm a Christian. Yes, I'm like that."

What a day. I need a sedative.


evitangel said...

LOL that's great!

and very unique page as well!

have a fab day,

Michelle Powell said...

WOW!! 10 Teenagers! You definitely need a sedative....LOL...had to laugh at the 'borrowed suit' story, and the girls in the room bit was just too funny!

God bless those kids, they're something else now, but they're still darling :)

Have a great day!

Beth Nixon said...

sounds like you had quite the houseful of fun!! I think you deserve a nap!

Barb said...

Very entertaining today! And I LOVE that dogalicious layout! Awesome!

movefearlessly said...

i'm not sure i could have survived that. you are one tough lady!

carjazi said...

Wow, no wonder you need a nap. One teen I could handle for a short time but that many would make me one step closer to the funny farm. Hang in there.

Great layout too. I'm such a sucker for dog pages. Hope you have a great tomorrow.

Melanie said...

Oh Leigh, I feel for you sweetie.
I had a giggle at the borrowed suit and her girly falling out. Lol