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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Senior Portraits

digi credits: HERE

I took some photos of my son before his senior portraits. He is a comedian, and couldn't help but act goofy. He kept cracking up and then say, "Okay, I'll be serious now."

What can a mother do, but photograph those silly moments, too? So I made a lo of the silly. Then I can make one of the serious. What a kid!

I am surviving teenland so far today. Ds has managed to go fishing for two days in a row. His friend got bit by some fish, but I wasn't there and he is fine! I swear my ds could fish all day and love it. When we are at the beach, he is fishing, fishing, fishing! Right now there are four of them in the pool at 11:30pm. I did have to tell them to quiet down once, but they seem to be managing not to offend the neighbors.

Last night they had big fun as there was a turtle in our pool. They decided to swim with it. I tried to take a picture of it, but I was too busy screaming to concentrate and so it didn't turn out that great! It came out of the water and his friend had picked it up! bwahahahahahahah

I did manage to relagate the number sleeping over to one tonight. I just need a break! LOL! KWIM!

I'm not sure my mojo is quite right. I feel kind of out of scrapping sorts as if I can put the stuff on the page, but it isn't clicking. I think a need a break for a few days!

Okay, I am hosting the challenge at Tangie Baxter Designs Loft starting June 20th. HERE. You can win a great GC to Tangie's store with lots of awesome new stuff and the debut of her ATC Emporium just around the corner!!!

Some things can make you feel pretty darn good. How about being a preview lo at Christina Renee? I nearly had a cow. If you look HERE, I am the third lo down. The orange one! I gotta tell you, that just totally made my day, week, month!

Oh yeah... and check this out: Can you find me??? OMG! Isn't it great!

I think that is it for today. I'm sleepy. Although with all these teen boys, I gotta stay up until they go home! bleh!


Melanie said...

Your layout is wonderful Leigh, I love all the "joker" type characters.

P.S. I found you on the collage board.

Mary said...

Congrats on your new team and that layout is fantastic!

mphoinix said...


Azrood said...

Congrats on being selected for the preview layout and congrats again for landing a spot on CRD's CT! That's such an awesome gig to have!

Neverland Scraps said...

thats totally funny about the pool and the turtle!! Beautiful Senior Layout!!

Anonymous said...

LOL....been there, done that!!! Got the coffee on?...Ok, great layouts, and have an awesome weekend!!! {sleep}

Kathy said...

ahhh - summer and teens, I am so all about that, too. Makes it fun though.

Scrap Evangel said...

Great design. Love the blending and the unique elements.

Barb said...

We're just getting to teen time. I hope I survive! Glad you're enjoying being at CRD! It's good to have you!