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Friday, April 06, 2007

Changes and New Web Ring

I made a few changes to my blog. Added some links, put up a funny pic, and joined the Scrapstreet web ring, for which there is also a link.
I didn't know what a webring was until last night when Lindsey started the Scrapstreet one, and I decided to join it with my blog. Now you can cruise around if you want and see what some of the other chicks I hang with online are doing.
I also added a link to my Scrapstreet gallery. Although I do post most everything I do there here as well. I think I might link to my old galleries at Scrapvillage, Scraptalk and maybe even Scrapjazz. It just depends on how bad that stuff looks compared to now! LOL!
I do like the 2peas gallery as well. I haven't posted very much there. I need to post more stuff there. There are alot of great ideas. I skim it every day and add stuff to my favs to get inspiration when I am brain dead, which at the rate I am scrapping this year, happens more often than I like.
I still need to figure out how to add a banner, but all things in due time. The fact that I have made a few changes and added some stuff is pretty cool for now.
I will be scrapping this weekend because it is the Scrapstreet Star 3rd round. Even if I don't make round 3, I will do the challenge. Also, I want to see what is up for Saturday Night Scrap there. Do the lift and the sketch probably.
Although I'm not as excited as I was to scrap becasue my OTT light just shipped yesterday so it's not going to be here. Major bummer. My scraproom is just so poorly lit. And I splurged on that stinkin' light. But the main thing is that its on its way, and I can hardly wait for it to get here.
I hope if any of you read my blog that you will leave a comment so I know you were here. Just for fun. Please be nice! LOL!

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