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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Photography etc.

Had to post a challenge at a website so I posted one using silhouettes and reflections. I love when things are reflected in windows and water. I think it is just fascinating. This is my favorite picture from the ones I took. I just photographed some different shots around the pool.

Speaking of the pool. I cleaned the pool furniture today. It was a gorgeous day, and there was no way I was going to be inside. I hosed off the porch, too. That pollen was just digusting. I'm glad that has passed. I'll finish the porch tomorrow or another day. I need to go over all the wood trim with some bleach. It gets so dirty over the winter.

The pool chemicals have been ordered, and they are on their way. As soon as they get here, the pool will be officially opened, although it really is since Matt has actually been in twice already!

It's definitely time for the weather to warm up. I'm tired of it being cold! I'm sure all the dogs are too!

I'll post the layout that goes with this picture as soon as I get it photographed. I tried this evening, but the photo was blurry. It's just easier during the day, and I get better, truer colors.

DD and DH are both snoozing. Such company I have for the night. What am I going to do with them. I'm thinking of scrapping. I did some scrapping today, but I really had to think to hard about it. I'm not sure why, but I hope it passes. It was driving me nuts.

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