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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Andy Warhol-ish scrapbook page or Modern Art

I have some fun recently doing some different things. This month at Scrapstreet, my favorite scrapbook site to hang at, the "street" is in Kyoto, Japan, a place I have actually been. Of course, I was 3 1/2 so I don't remember it, but I thought it was kinda cool anyway. The colors for the challenge were red, black and white. I had a picture of dd that I had digitally altered that just begged to be used for this challenge. Looking at it made me think of the song, "China Girl", for some reason by David Bowie. Maybe it was how funky the photo was and that song is very funky. I love the quote I used on the lo from the song, too, "I can hear your heart beating loud as thunder." I used circles, which are my favorite shape right now and lots of brads. I think it turned out really neat. Lou says it looks like something Andy Warhol would have done. I was a bit concerned with the red and yellow that it might look like a mastercard so I had to make sure I arranged the circles in such a way that it wasn't making me think of that!
I also finished a page of my Nana and my great-grandmother, Nana-P that I had started over a year ago! I just could never get the page to click. So I took it out of the drawer it was stored in and took it all apart. I trimmed the photos' corners to soften them up and rematted them, which improved their look greatly. I love the bouquet of flowers I made to replicate the corsages the "Nanas" are wearing. They are so cute together, mother and daughter. The occasion was my mother's wedding, which I have a photo on the page taken when my parents came home sometime when they were engaged. I also have the hat Nana was wearing. It was saved all these years, and ended up at my house. Crazy!
Finally, I had those two black and white photos, one of which is blown up and hanging in my dining room. I scrap so many beach photos! But we love the beach so what do you do! I mean where else do we go on vacation? Nowhere! I lifted this lo from my DW calendar. When I applied my ink to the chipboard letters, it made the two-toned effect, which looks like ocean water. I really do like this lo! And the best part is, I used all old supplies from my stash! Woohooo! Making room for more stuff!

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