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Monday, November 26, 2007

Adventure Dog by Beth Rimmer

Adventure Dog by Beth Rimmer at Digitals Font: Love Ya Like A Sister; Filter by OptikVerve

Oh, Beth Rimmer just keeps amazing me. I just love her designs. Every designer brings something to the table, but Beth's style always blows my mind. Her creations are unique. They really make me think about my designs and stretch my imagination. I hope you will check out all her goodies and her latest Christmas kit, which I will be working with shortly.

I just finished my home made gift for my Secret Santa at Scrapstreet. I can't post it though until she gets it in case she comes over to my blog and sees it. I'm worried she's seen pieces of it at galleries I've posted at. I hope not! And mainly, I hope she likes it. Whew! Nothing like creating for someone else, and especially when that someone else is extremely talented! Ssshhh...can't say who it is...but I will reveal on reveal day!

Lets reveal what I'm thankful for today: my dog Harry. He is a chow/lab mix that was found when he was about six months old with no collar and obviously no home. He grew into his 55 lb. self. We named him Harry for Harry Potter, although hindsight would have said Sirius Black! LOL! Also, Harry for hairy. and also because at the age my kids were, Harry is easy for them to spell! LOL! He is soft and snuggly like a big teddy bear. His disposition is definitely lab not chow. He is loveable and sweet. He hardly barks and if he were a human you'd say, he never has an unkind thing to say. He is just a happy-go-lucky dog with a sunny disposition!


Anonymous said...

I love that layout Leigh...and yes, her kit is gorgeous...I will have to go check her out!!! Have an awesome day!!!

amy said...

congrats on getting the SS gift done!

blushbutter said...

gorgeous layout, you have a cute puppy doggy!
it looks like a great kit!

Amy B. said...

I just love this page. The "fabric" papers are just wonderful and the way that you put them together is perfect!

Melanie Harris said...

I love that laoyut Leigh, he looks scary but also beautiful.

Im sure your SS girl will love your gift, who wouldn't.

Totally Rawkin Designs said...

Great layout! He actually looks like the monster from the movie the Neverending Story...the Gmork. But I bet he is a sweetie!