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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another Layout, Tracy Beck and Chat

Sweet Bliss Confectionary by Tangie Baxter; filter by Optik Verve; font It's Just Me Again Down Here

For some reaon, I kept calling this kit Sweet Shoppe. I must be retarded. It's Sweet Bliss Confectionary!

Hey, Tracy Beck is having a chat tonight over at The Scrapping Garden featuring her kit Talk Turkey 2. If you buy her kit, on sale for $2.00, make a lo, you get the elements for free. Chat is at 8:00pm tonight. Be sure to check it out!

Have you made your Christmas cards yet? Just wondering... seems to be alot of chatter about it on the various scrapping boards. Great templates available at Cottage Arts I made one a while back I was going to use, but I don't like the picture of me. I look frumpy! So I think there's going to be a redo!

Princess Lala asks: What are five things you've eat today?
That's easy as all I've had so far is coffee. Although, I'm about to go have some raisin toast, whole wheat of course.

What am I thankful for today? Gas logs! When I got up this morning, it was 30 deg. outside. I know for some of you northern gals that is not a big deal, but for us Southern folks, we are FREEZING! So I have my gas logs cranked, and it is getting nice and toasty in here! My cats are on the sofa by me, soaking up the warmth.

I'm also doing laundry, but who wants to talk about that?


to my blog said...

Great blog - are you freezing?? Here in Norway we are waiting for a big storm raight now, maybe with some snow.
I have had a great time reading on your blog - love it!!!!

Andrea said...

Christmas cards.. ugh, I'm allergic to Christmas this year! DH's family wants us to visit, and it's turning into a HUGE hassle, so I am tuning it out. I'd better not, tho, huh? Better get on it.
Five things I ate today- Coffee,
Banana, Fiber one Bar.. um, that's it. And water. I need to go eat my yogurt, thanks for reminding me!