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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pep Rally and Games with Tangie Baxter

Dd's squad at the recent pep rally doing their routine from UCA camp which they enhanced. The original won them HOME POM and helped them win best overall squad at camp! These girls are mega talented, and this whole routine was made by them...no fancy choreographers cuz we are a country school with no money. Big kudos to them. They are awesome!

OMG! I had so much fun today getting to award two prizes from Tangie Baxter. One was a $5GC. All people had to do was go to Tangie's store and tell me what their favorite product was. I love seeing what everyone else loves. CarrieK was the lucky winner of that over at DST.

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The Mystery Case was the other prize I got to give out, which Madi won. Just had to post on my blog! Yeah!

Dh and ds picked the winners for me. So a big shout out to them for their help in making someone's day!

And a big shout out to Tangie for being so generous with all her CT members and letting us be a part of NDSD.

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Last but not least, a little photo from Friday night. DD and her co-captain, Jamie. Aren't they cuties!

Princess Lala asks: Who are five people from history you wish you could meet.
1. Jesus Christ. No doubt about this one.
2. Joseph. Love to hear more about his life with a son such as Jesus.
3. George Washington. Exactly what did the founding fathers really have on their mind say about Freedom of Speech? Would they include hate speeches in that? I really wonder how far they thought it would go.
4. Rosa Parks. Changed the world in which we live. Must have been some kinda woman!
5. Betty Grable. Why not? Famous for her legs. Great movies. Let's chat and hear what it was like for you. Gotta have some fluff every now and then. Everything can't be serious, right!

And for me, thankful in November:
I'm thankful for my mother's dog, Blackberry, who is dying of cancer. When my mother died, he had to go live with my brother as I had 4 dogs and he only had 1 at the time. This dog was the sweetest dog in the world and protected my mother and loved her. Unfortunately, he is being put to sleep tomorrow. But he has lived a very full and spoiled doggy life with much love and compassion. He deserves his rest.


Andrea said...

Wow, gosh, what a thing to ask.. who would I want to meet? Well, definitely Jesus, lot of questions, if I could get my mouth to work!

Ummmm.... Sitting here staring becaue all I can think of are living people!

Ummm, Mister Rogers, Mother Theresa, Steve Irwin, Now I'm just listing dead people I admire. Ghandi. This is too hard!
Now I'm going to be thinking about it all day! LOL!

Flergs said...

That would be something I'd really have to think hard about.

Mine would probably end up a list of dead celebs or actors????

Andrea D. said...

Awww - rest in peace Blackberry. Now your mom will have him as her companion again.