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Friday, November 09, 2007

Doreen Stoltz & Chat

I was picked for Doreen Stoltz Creative Team @ Digital-Scrapbook-Art. She also sells at several other stores. Wahoo! So I got my GC yesterday. Having a hard time picking. I had some items in my cart, and then completely re-picked.

Have you photographed yourself lately? I decided to shoot myself the way dd and her friends do. I have some fun picks of my to do a lo or two with. You ought to give it a shot. (tee hee hee)

Princess Lala asks: Who are five people you never want to see again?
Hmmm...should I name names?
I will say that the people I don't want to see, I actually have seen. One girl is married to a complete buffoon so I figure it doesn't matter what she did to me, her life stinks. It does. He doesn't help at home at all, and he is really a dufus. She is the main bread winner, too. Basically, to get ahead, she sold her soul to the devil, which involved dumping on my during the worst time in my life in order for her to get ahead. She has no concious or compassion apparently.

The other two are just so mean spirited. One lady didn't tell me about medical reimbursement until the boss finally made her so she had to back pay me. She would also hold my expense checks. Nice, huh. That chick had control issues and didn't want me in the job I was in. She didn't want it. She just didn't want me in it. I saw her the other day at a store and gave her a big wave. She looked away really quickly.

Now mind you, when I saw these people I was as pleasant as possible because I'm not letting them make me into a bad person. Move on. Leave it behind.

So are there people I really don't want to see again. Not really. Just prefer it if I don't! LOL! But who really cares. Life is too short to let them in my daily life or thought process!

Thankful thought of the day: My dear scrapbooking friends! I have two girlfriends who I absolutely love getting together with and scrapbooking. We share our lives and our art. It's wonderful! We are going on three crops together after Christmas. Now that is a great time!


JanMary said...

Congrats on your new CT spot.

doloro said...

Love your banner - looks awesome! And congrats on the CT. I like the use of bling in your layouts - might have to try that myself!