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Friday, November 02, 2007

Pub Links and Questions

I have three lo's in the Scrapstreet E-zine. Two I submitted and one they asked me to create because they needed a lo for an article!
(1) Snack Stix for Snack Attack article by Lori Burdeshaw.
(2) Catnap Anyone for Scrap Naps by Lindsay Krauss.
(3) Dribbles for Bits for Pet Park by Michelle Boeckermann. This was the article that Michelle requested I make a lo for! My first request! It's very exciting.

I hope you will click through the rest of the mag and check out the upcoming calls, too.

Princess Lala asks about the latest 5 movies we have seen...
(1) RV...it was playing on tv.
(2) Zur something about that game in space. Can't even remember what it was called!
(3) Maid in Manhattan. T.V. again.
(4) Bad News Bears. DVD w/ Billy Bob Thornton
(5) Georgia Rules. Rental. Lindsay Lohan looks rode hard and put up wet.

And for November: something to be thankful for at the end of each blog posting.
Today I am thankful for naps. I was tired from working and running errands. My nap was a treat! What are you thankful for today?


PsiPsi said...

I am thankfull for my kids napping right now, so that I could blog and scrap*lol* and for our al health!
Hope everybody stays well
thanks for sharing your articles and wonderfull layouts

Sara E said...

i love your thanks bit for november... i'm going to try and remember that for future blogging of my own this month

and.... I have no clue what the most recent 5 movies are that I've seen... it's such a rarity to see a movie

Andrea said...

Oooh, the last five movies.. that's hard. I have two babies so I never watch movies.
Ummm we saw Mystic River, that was a good movie but a bummer.
Music and Lyrics, that was kinda fun
OH, and the Car Movie, and Ice Age, Shrek, etc etc... LOL
Love your LO's! All those snack ones gave me the munchies!!