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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Slowing Down, Calendars & Lo's

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I'm slowing down on my blogging because I have been busy at my pt job. I worked 7 days straight because I got called in for extra hours. Not a complaint. Extra Christmas money, but I'm pooped when I get home! Retail this time of year is hard work! LOL! One of our asst. managers says she hates Christmas because of retail! That's sad, but people do go a little crazy! LOL!

For example: I had a couple come in who wanted to buy two watches. They were expensive...$199.00 each on sale. Okay, now they also could get a discount of 15% for opening a store cc and another discount with a scratch off for using the card of between 15-30%. Considerable deal...an hour later, I'm still waiting on them. My theory is...either you want it or you don't. If you are not sure, go home! And just fyi...they appeared to have $$, but when the girl started to barter with me like we were in a market in a foreign country, I knew we were in trouble. Bartering? HELLO!
Anyway, you gotta keep it all in perspective. I came home, put my feet up, and watched a good movie!

Princess Lala asks: What are 5 things that make you happy!
1. The smile of my children directed at me. It's the best.
2. When my dh said he couldn't live without me. It's nice to hear that isn't it!
3. A good cup of strong coffee.
4. My dog, Runt, doing his Runt-in-the-box greeting at the window every morning!
5. When Bits, my cat, curls up next to me in bed like I'm his chosen person.

My basic philosophy is just be happy where you are. I try my best to live like that. There's enough unhappiness in the world. Spread your joy people! Know God, know peace. No God, no peace.

Thankful thought of the day: I'm thankful for my dear friend, Missy, who is a very kind and treasured person. She tries to live by example, and it shows.

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Gina said...

Your post reminded me of a signature I saw in one of the forums recently - something like "I prayed to God for patience to deal with people because if I prayed for strength I'd beat them to death."