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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beth Rimmer, NadlM and MONEY!

Digi credits: here.

Digi credits: here

I had to work yesterday, which is fine! Gotta keep my discount! LOL! We just marked all our clearance stuff down again so I found 4 things that I will be getting tomorrow when I get paid. Three are sterling silver...originally $35.00 each for $3.50 each, plus add my additional employee discount! And one is $1.20! Imagine. Those are a cute pair of earrings for me. The others are two necklaces and one has a matching set of earrings. Those are for gifts. You can't beat it. They were all 90% off! Now that is my kind of deal!

I finished painting the cabinet in the kids' bathroom and their bathroom door. I don't know what they do in there, but it does look so much better now. I do have pics, but I just haven't posted them yet. Probably on tomorrow's blog.

I am now off to our master bathroom. I painted our shower/toilet area about six years ago. But I never painted the sink area. Mainly because it needs to be painted and the wallpaper stripped. Well, that is my next project. I'm doing the trim white just because I like white trim in the bathroom. It looks so clean. I'm not sure what color I will paint the walls, but I have to get all that paper off first.

Tomorrow is yard day because it is supposed to be around 80! Wahoo! Finally. A day of warmth, although the high on Sunday is supposed to be around 56. Bleh!

I'm sad to say that I am having to give up my gym membership. I'm still going to exercise because I do enjoy it. But these gas prices, food prices, and the fact that I have two teenage drivers (insurance) is killing us. I can save almost $100 month by giving that up and also changing my cell bill to a lower minute plan. All the kids do is text anyway so that will not be a big deal! I'm running out of areas to cut.

I mean, I have seen on Dr. Phil a while ago about getting rid of the cell phones, cutting the cable, blah blah blah. This is real life here. My husband would die if I cut off his cable. We don't have movie channels and how miserable do you have to be? Anyway, we are not living high on the hog as they saying goes. So there isn't alot to cut! I don't know what we will do if gas hits $4.00 per gallon like they are saying. Give up leaving our house, period! LOL!

That is my rant for today! Oh, I guess I could not by that jewelry, but $1.20 is worth it and also, I have to get a gift for the lady who is taking my daughter on Spring Break with her family. So $6.00 for sterling silver necklace and earrings is quite a nice deal!


DawnMarch said...

Good luck on that wallpaper project! Having recently done that myself, I don't envy you that job! It looks so nice when it's all done though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Leigh...these price increases truly hit home! Not sure where else I can cut back either.....It really is bad, and to think that we might get to $4 a gallon.....~~ACK~~ I want to just run away.....Well we have our health...(most of us) that is something to smile about... :) right? Ok, kiddo, have a good day, and see you tomorrow.... :)

Azrood said...

I know what you mean about running out of things to cut and cable is our last resort. It's really the only thing we have left that is "frivolous" and we too only have the basic package.

Sounds like you found yourself some awesome deals! I love finding a good bargain! :)

thumper6423 said...

Good luck with the wallpaper. I have a kitchen full of pink wallpaper that has been screaming to be removed since we moved in and I just can't bring myself to do it because of the chore it is.

Barb said...

There's no way we'd get rid of our cable either, although I dont miss watching Dr. Phil! Great bargains on those items...90% is awesome, and we still all need to buy gifts!

Jess said...

I hear you on the cutbacks and gas prices. My husband keeps saying to cut the cable to save money, but honestly i don't want to live in this house if the kids don't have the cartoon network!

Anonymous said...

The prices are going to kick me in the butt if they keep going up. we already don't have cable because I think my kids watch too much TV without it. LOL Pato is miserable without it.

And I don't know how I could cut my phone bill man. We don't have a house phone. And I used to go over my minutes all the time as it was until I went up in plans. So, even though the plan is more expensive, I'm actually saving some.

Gorgeous pictures of your flowers! Beautiful layouts!

Have fun getting wall paper off!

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Wow, those layouts are stunning! Thanks for sharing them.

And I hear you about "real life". Most "regular folk" don't have much room for cutting out extras, I think.

Robin L said...

What a great deal! Cant pass that up. I hear you on prices of things. Hubbys been off of work for a month with 18 days to go due to injury and surgry. It always works out. Good luck.

melanie said...

What a steal with those discounts. Well done

I love the layouts of your flowers, they are gorgoeus.