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Friday, March 28, 2008

CT countdown

digi credits: HERE.

I'm down to my last two lo's for my CT requirements for the month. Nothing like taking it down to the wire! LOL!

So I have one left now!

I never have a plan of attack as in doing in order of favorites or anything like that. It usually happens that someone comes out with a kit, and that is what makes me work with their designs next. I'm not sure how it works for you, but that is how it works for me!

I'm still trying to download the CT Appreciation kit from DST! I've got about 2/3 of it. Have all y'all gotten it yet? The lo above is one of the templates from the kit.

Don't forget about the chance to win a $10GC to Tangie Baxter Designs. Check out my post from yesterday to get the link. It's a desktop challenge. There's samples and a link to get you started!

I just want to brag on ds for a moment. He has a job at a golf course as a golf grunt. You know, the kid who cleans your cart when you are done. Picks up range balls...makes sure there is fresh water throughout the course in the coolers, etc. Well, he has had a head cold and had to work last night. The weather was amazing; the course was packed. He worked until 11P at night and never complained about it! Woke up and went to school, albeit a little draggy, which really pissed his sister off, but I was so proud of him! He's becoming such a man!!!


Grumpy said...

Hey Chic!!! Haven't seen you in forever. Took a 2 year break from the scrappy world, just now getting my feet wet again. Love your blog. Just started one of my own and was doing a little reading on how to make it better. Gonna have to check your's out more often. Can't believe your little girl is all grown up and looking lovely!!!!

Come visit me at patternpaperprincess.blogspot.com

Alicia a.k.a. Ali a.k.a Grumpy

Sonja said...

Brag on and be proud, Mama! Your ds sounds like a good boy! My DH was a golf grunt in high school/college too! He loved it! :)

DawnMarch said...

Sigh, I've still got 2 CT layouts left to do this month. I've got so much "real" work to do, that I'm not sure I'm gonna get them done! I love my CTs, so I'm not complaining, but sometimes it can be tough to keep up! Your son sounds like a good kid -- nice to see there are some out there like that (give me hope for my 2!).

Sassy said...

That's so cool he's got a job!!!
Well done to him!

Robin L said...

I still got CT los to do. I think last minute is my middle name. That is something to be proud of with a teen boy.

Heather said...

Gorgeous layout! I still haven't downloaded the whole thing, I think I'm at zip 19. LOL

I hope he feels better! It's so hard to work when you're sick! but kudos to him!

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Great layout! Good luck with the last layout for the month. :-)
Hope your son feels better soon - it's so nice to see your efforts as a parent paying off, I'm sure!

Mary said...

Yay for him responsibility is a pain but he's well on his way. I have yet to dl all of it so I feel ya :)

Melanie said...

Sounds like DS really likes his job. Good for him.

That is a beautiful layout Leigh, you have a wonderful style.

Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Great layout! Love to see what gals are doing with the CT appreciation kit! So glad you like it!

Have a great day!