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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mr. Ed, Cool Kits, One More Lo

Okay, so I'm at work last night and this man comes up to look at some watches. Literally, he is making this horse noise. I thought to myself, that it must be just a fluke. But he apparently clears his throat, which I assumed is what he was doing, every 10 seconds, so as he walked around, he kept making the horse noise. I met Mr. Ed last night, in the human form that he must have taken on after his show went off! I am not exagerating. It was a horse noise. Quite odd!

Credits: HERE

I've got to share this beautiful kit with you. I just got it yesterday and cannot wait to play with it! I hope you'll check it out. It is gorgeous. I'll be posting some lo's with it tomorrow!!!
Click here to go right to it!
This beautiful digital kit is collaboration between the Designers at ScrapStreet. There are 44 patterned papers, 18 solids, 2 alphas and 117 different embellishments for a total of 273 megabytes of digital goodies to scrap with. From frames, strings, ribbons, flowers, rubons to journal mats and tags, whimsical sea creatures and pins and clustered elements.


AfriDIgiDiva said...

That is too funny! Who would have thought it???!?!?

AngFab said...

Great kit! Thanks for enabling! Love your page!

Heather said...

What is it with you all making me laugh today? LOL Mr Ed in the jewelry department. That's funny!

Gorgeous layout!

Have a wonderful day!

Victoria said...

That throat clearing horse sound would make me snicker. The sound of phlegm removal in any form usually annoys me terribly.
The layout is lovely and the new Hawaiian Vintage kit is beautiful!

Dawne said...

Oh what a gorgeous kit!!!! Can't wait to see those layouts too! You do such beautiful work.. :) See you tomorrow... {{HUGS}}

Andrea said...

what a great idea for a kit! Gotta love those patterns!
And your story about Mr Ed is too funny. I remember once when I was working at Kinkos there was a lady with a lump in her shirt that was moving. I was like WHAT is THAT. It was the size of a fist, and it was moving around and around under her jacket.
It was a sugar glider- a little exotic marsupial. Which is weird in and of itself! But was better than what I had imagined!