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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Fav Kit

I'm working with some other kits right now, but I had to share a kit I worked with not too long ago that is one of my all time favorites. It is by Michelle Boeckermann at Scrapstreet.com. She is a hidden talent imo. Caught Off Balance. The best part of this little deely-bopper is that it is free! So I hope you will check it out! And if you decide to download it, tell her I sent ya, okay!!!

Vintage Hawaiian Kit from Scrapstreet.com (see preview in yesterday's post!)

Okay, so I had great plans to whip out 3 lo's today. NOPE. I'm not sure what I did all day. I did get a fab nap that I so desperately needed. I made snack mix for my son who is constantly starving. I made sweet tea because he is constantly thirsty. I made a good dinner, and lo and behold, I watched American Idol. Yes, even though I swore I wouldn't. DH has worn me down.

I had big plans to do alot of laundry. That's okay. It is still there!

DS has to have his wisdom teeth out. I'm not doing it. That's what he said to me. As if there was a choice. Then he wonders why everything happens to him and not his sister. I reassured him that she would be having her wisdom teeth out, too. I guess that made it better. He decided he would do it. Just not soon. As if he has control over that either. He's getting it done when I get it scheduled!

He is 17 today (when you read this). My oldest is 17. Hard to believe. I'm sad he's no longer a baby. I'm sad he's a year from graduating high school. I'm happy he's turning into a man and growing up and soon to be graduating from high school. I'm inside-out-upside-down as my not-so-little guy gets a little closer to leaving my nest. Of course, at present, he has developed a little bit of a smart mouth and a wee bit of a defiant streak as in, "No."

Um...no? No, to me? Not happening. So we are working on that, but I guess it is part of the independence and growth into adulthood. He's working now so maybe he's feeling his need to spread his wings. I don't mind if he spreads his wings, I just don't want him to be rude.


Anonymous said...

That's a great LO. I am sorry that I can't understand everything you wrote... I am just a "little" german-girlie. I think, I need a translator for a lot of words.

Azrood said...

And I quote: "I had big plans to do alot of laundry. That's okay. It is still there!" This is perfect and shall be my new frame of reference, lol! Happy birthday to your not so little boy! :)

evitangel said...

what a great page and thanks for stopping by

Barb said...

LOL on the wisdom teeth! He'll be so glad once it's all over.

Hope you find the opportunity to get some scrapping done today!

thumper6423 said...

Laundry? After you do yours, you can do mine too LOL.

I think the teen attitude is nature's way of preparing us for them to leave. My nephew was the emoptional equivalent of a 2yo the summer before he went to college. My sil was happy to be rid of him until Christmas break LOL.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to him!

And that is a cool layout! What an awesome picture!

Good luck on the wisdom teeth, tell him at least he doesn't have to have them out on his birthday. That's a positive! LOL

Anonymous said...

17 years old!!!! yep, I got one of those too!!! Good luck!!! Love this new kit too....have a great day Leigh..see you tomorrow!!! :)

AfriDigiDiva said...