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Monday, March 31, 2008

Rasberry Road Blog Challenge and QP

Here is a QP I made to be put together with everyone elses' QP's over at Rasberry Road for April's challenge prize. You can check out April's challenge HERE. There will be a freebie kit to use as well as the great prize! Frankly, I've never made a QP before, and I've never used one so I hope this will be ok!

I had another, "Why do I go to Walmart?" moment. Let me tell you, I don't think they encourage coupon use because whenever I use more than one coupon in the self checkout, the thing freaks out, and I always end up having to get help over, and over, and over, and over. But I get my coupons! I usually have about $11.00 so it is worth it to me! Anyway, there I am at Walmart checking out in a line with a cashier and lo and behold she starts asking me about one of my coupons. I said, "I bought that item, but I don't know which bag you put it in."

So now I have to start routing around me week's worth of groceries she has bagged to find the stinkin' toothbrush so I can save my $1.00. I find it. Meanwhile she is asking me if it is a Pulsar? "No, I tell her it is a blah blah blah."

She says, "Is it a Pulsar or something else."

Now, didn't I just tell her what it was? I get the coupon and read it back to her. "It says 'Pular' comma, blah blah blah".

She says, "I realize that it says Pulsar. Did you get a Pulsar."

HOLY CRAP! Is she kidding me? NO, I didn't get a pulsar.

She says finally, "Pulsar is a brand."

I say to her, "Look at the picture. The coupon is for an Oral B."

"Oh," and so I get my dollar.


Now, I have a teenage dd. Today, I think she almost drove me to the funny farm. She tries out for cheerleading, and she and her friend come over here to wait for the list to be posted at 8:30pm. Fine, I cook them din-din and wait with them, checking the internet every so often for them, and they are checking, too. Her friend's mom shows up, and still nothing. So we start asking them questions, which starts making them mad. As if getting information is a crime of the highest order.
"Who told you the list was being posted tonight?"
"Did the coach tell you how she was going to let you know?"
"If she posts it, will it be on her academic site or the cheer site?"
"Did she tell you?"
"Who told you?"
"Did you ask?"
"Why don't you call someone?"
"You don't have everyone's numbers? Use the phone book."

Now, it appears that one of the jv girls who is not a reliable source, as in connected to someone in the know, told them that it would be posted on the internet by 8:30pm. Not the coach. They didn't ask before or after they tried out exactly where or when the list of who made it would be posted. So I'm sitting her with two ninnies who are about to have a heart attack waiting for something to be posted that may or may not actually be posted tonight. Because they were originally told that they would find out through announcements at school tomorrow. These silly heads won't call the supposed next year's captain to see if she knows anything. They don't want to call the nosiest girl on their squad who knows everything. So they suffer, and we adults give up and her friend goes home.

Amazing to me that something that is so important to them, they would not have the answer to. CRAZy! But that is a teenage girl for ya. I give up! I need a sedative! LOL!


carjazi said...

Ahhhh Walmart, the largest employer of complete idiots. Oh wait, I think that may be the US government. heehee. I have issues each and everytime, but can't beat those prices so I suffer usually in silence. Actually have to run over at lunch today. Fun, fun, fun.

Hope your DD gets good news. I'm sure it's not easy for you all to wait to hear.

Sorry I didn't pop by yesterday for comments. I'll try to stop back by to check out todays and leave lovin.

Jess said...

thats funny. the coupon thing baffles me as the cashiers think that they are the coupon police. just scan the stupid thing, if the money comes off then it was a valid coupon for an item i purchased. duh.

LOL at your daughter. to funny

Juliana said...

What a pretty page!
Cashiers can act so annoyed by coupons...it's so unfair!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Laughing at your daughter's story! My daughter is only one, so I have awhile before we get to those nerve-wracking years. I can only imagine how FUN it's going to be!

michellewaite1 said...

There is a Walmart 20 blocks from my house. I only go there once or twice a year, because I am always so unhappy when I go there. I remember taking a bunch of coupons in when my oldest was a baby, trying to get the best price on baby things. They never had what was on the coupon. I think they do it on purpose.

Kathy said...

Oh my. What a day. From Wal-mart cashiers to teen girls that won't go to the source.
Congrats to her for making the squad.

Anonymous said...

I stopped couponing since I found I spend MORE money...cause I try and find things that go with the coupon, instead of the other way around.. lol... It is sad though that one of our largest retailers really bite at customer service....hmmm, maybe they need to replace some employees......see you tomorrow..HUGS!

AfriDigiDiva said...

This is a gorgeous quick page.

Heather Watson Digital Elements said...

Congrats to your daughter. Teenagers are a funny lot sometimes. Can't wait for my son to get there. lol

I'm jealous. I wish my Walmart had a self checkout! And the Super Walmart has been in the works for years now, being held up by some snake that lived where they wanted to build it or some junk.

DawnMarch said...

I won't shop at Walmart anymore unless I have no other choice. I can never get out of there without being totally aggravated about something!

Melanie said...

Im laughing at your day Leigh, very frustrating.

Your freebie looks great, well done.