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Monday, March 03, 2008

Funny Photos and Addicted to Blogging!

While my photos load, I'll just chat away! These are "self portraits" each of us took. We had to hold the camera the way our dd's do and after my friend, Mandy, took just her eyes, we thought we would copy that look. I can't wait to scrap this page! LOL!

I went to a weekend crop and my friend calculated that we spent 48 hours there. She said we slept for 10, so basically we scrapped our brains out for 38 hours...I confess, I must subtract the 1 hour nap I took on Saturday, which I have NEVER done at a crop before. So I guess I secretly had 11 hours of sleep over the whole weekend! LOL!

I created 21 paper layouts. No digi. Wah! Actually, digi has improved my design and detail skills in the paper realm. I'm hoping to put together a slide show of the ones I created!

The absolute funniest thing is: I left 1/2 my stuff at home! OMG! I didn't realize it until I got to the crop and was unloading my stuff! I carry a Navigator and a crate and an embellie case. My crate was in my kitchen.

Do you remember momma asking, "Do you have everything with you?" or "Have you forgotten anything?" or "Just do a double check." You know why she said these things? Because they are important!
So when a disorganized person tries to pass as organized...I had all my stuff by the front door, ran to the gas station to get dd gas in her car and get myself $$. Came home and dh had loaded my van with my stuff. Oh so sweet. I didn't even have to go in. I just pulled out and off I went a'croppin....
Pick up my bff. "R U sure you have everything with you?"
"Oh yes, dh packed my car before I left."
Arrive at crop. Unload car. Notice two girlfriends have their crates. Where is my crate?
*LIGHTBULB over head*
Dh never packed the crate by his chair in the kitchen. The crate which had the other half of my stuff. The crate with my light, my embellies, my ink, my rubons, two of my ribbon containers, my PICTURES...
I had my paper, my trimmer, some embellies, and luckily a bunch of pictures that I had grabbed at the last minute. I had some alphie stickers, some regular stickers, and my tools such as scissors, my paper piecer...
OH BUT I WAS FREAKING OUT>>>>> half my stuff was at home...and I was 3 hours away...to far to go back...to far to have it brought to me...
but my dear girlfriends came to my rescue and let me use their stuff. So I managed to survive and have a blast and just remember...when momma asks those questions like, "Do you have everything you need?"...there is a reason!

I also got spooked, too. So silly! Yes, an actual spooky incident...during the crop weekend.
The back staircase was pitch black until we finally found the light switch...at the top..which doesn't help if you were at the bottom to start with! At the bottom of the back staircase was a door to the outside...which made me make a crack that I hope Ted Bundy didn't drop by over the weekend (sick joke, I know). Do you think they lock this door???
Now, I have put Ted Bundy the serial killer on my brain. Spooky...
So it's dark, and I have to go to the bathroom in a strange place...I get up and go to what I think is the door to the back stairs...as I open it, I look up into something big and round and Ted Bundy is on my brain...oh my gawd, I was spooked! Until I realized I was looking into a closet where they had stored the Christmas tree that happened to have giant Christmas balls on it.
wrong door...wrong room...hysterical laughter...and I really gotta pee...good thing I have bladder control!

And how much to I love blogs and blogging? I kept mentioning, "Oh I saw this on a blog," or "I had this on my blog," over the weekend. Apparently, I have blogging issues. My friends don't really blog as much as me, but I do love blogging, and I love reading other peoples' blogs. I can't help it! And I figured out how much I liked it when I kept talking about it over the weekend!


Lisa Joy said...

Sounds like a fun weekends. I would love to see your paper pages.

JanMary said...

Oh - a weekend to scrap - sounds wonderful.

I started my blog for my digi-scrap layouts, but in a recent/current survey on my blog, most visitors say that my life here in N Ireland is more interesting than my digi-scraps!

Now, is that because they don't scrap, so just don't get it, or they just don't like my LO's?!!

Anonymous said...

what a fun weekend!!!! Even with the lack of supplies and thank goodness no Ted Bundy! LOL

Fun pictures!

Have a great day!

DawnMarch said...

Now that I've gotten started, I'm a blogging addict too! Sounds like a very fun weekend. And, if it makes you feel better, I always leave something behind when I leave for a scrap weekend!

AfriDigiDiva said...

I'm addicted to blogging too! Sad isn't it? What fun photos!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. How fun does a crop like that sound? Of course, I never did digi, so I wouldn't know where to start. And I love to blog and read them too, I just wish the stoopid IT dept. hadn't blocked them at work. Now I don't have time to blog and scrap. Thanks for stopping by today.

Scrap Evangel said...

What a fun blog you have here. And I'm with you on the blogging thing!