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Friday, March 21, 2008

Cottage Arts

Playing with the new Nature's Garden Collection that Michelle has over at Cottage Arts. Natures Garden Paper Collection & Natures Garden Element Pak & Alpha
I used two papers and the luminosity mode in the layers pallette. Then I used my OptikVerve Glamour filter in b&w to get the effect I wanted on my photo and added it in to my lo using the overlay mode. Art does reflect the mood of the artist, and I think this shows how I was feeling today! Ah the teen years!

digi credits here.
A lo of my bff, Mandy, from a recent crop weekend. Poor thing had the worst cold in history, but as with all scrappers, she wasn't missing the crop weekend. She took alot of meds and a nap and made it through like a champ!

OK. I think I was in some sort of scrapping rut or funk or whatever you call it. I just felt my creativity was lacking, lacking, lacking, but tonight I feel like the mojo is on again! I hope it stays that way for a while. I just played and filly-farted around, and I actually like what I did. Which, you know how that is, sometimes you are not too wild about the lo's that you make.

I also bought a new tool today. NOt a scrapping tool so don't get too excited. It's a handy lil' knife sharpener that my husband had at his store. I saw a tool being used on The Today Show that was sharpening tools, and I said I needed one. He said he had one. So I made a trip up there today to get it. I can't wait to use it on my pruning sheers and get a'pruning!


Melanie said...

That first layout is stunning, the way you have blended the photo in is magical. Stunning work.

I hope you hold on to your mojo sweetie.

thumper6423 said...

Great layouts! May your scrapping mojo continue!

RobinW said...

Happy Easter! You may want to see my blog and pick up the free crosses :)
May He bless you and keep you,

Andrea said...

Wow those are some beautiful and dramatic LO's you got there! WOW!! Love em. I haven't beem using my blend modes to their full effect lately, I should dust them off.
Great work!
Have fun getting everything nice and sharp!

amy said...

great LOs! there's just something about having sharp knives and shears!

Heather said...

Wow on the layouts! I agree, the first one is my favorite! Gorgeous blending!!!!! WOW!

Have fun with that new toy! LOL

debra said...

Well, pruning sheers aren't as exciting..but good therapy too sometimes.. have fun!