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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day 1

Welcome to my scrapbook world. Here is where I will post things that I have made and talk about organizing my messy, although creative, scrapbook room. My scrapbook room is a bonus room over my garage. It is hot as fire up there because the two dormers for storage do not have normal doors so they pop open and the heat from outdoors just comes right in the room. That means in July, I can't even go in there.

The carpet is like 13 years old so eventually I want to add a new floor as well. Wood or vinyl or carpet. I really don't care. Just need a new one.

I'd like to build some custom bookshelves, too. Right now I have some wood ones we got at Lowes. I do have a terrific desk so that is the best focal point of it all right now. My most recent and exciting purchase is my giant circular paper lamp that hangs over my desk. It matches the color I painted my walls, which is kind of a pepper color as in paprika. I do have one green wall behind my desk that is my accent wall.

I started putting film on my windows to let the light in, but keep my neighbor's eyeballs out. So far I have about 3/4 of the window panes done because of course, they are wood windows and the panes don't come out for a single adherence of the film. Eventually I will put a valance over the windows and maybe some attractive drapes which I will sew myself.

Stay tuned for more!

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Mandy said...

Hey Girlie, I love you blogger page. Now I must do one of myself cuz it's just too cool...Mandy