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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Organizing my scrap room

Yesterday, I spent about an hour up in my scrap room organizing. They key really is to have your most used items around you at arms length. I have a very big antique library desk for my scrap spot. To the left, I put my target wire cubes with my sewing machine and my Zipemate on top. I also have my chipboard, tissue paper and "categorical" supplies like office, and cheerleading stored there. All my embellie boxes are stored there as well. I'm not quite finished setting that up, but it is definitely better. I have two cookie sheets that I used hanging above the wire cubes for magnetic storage. I have a shelf and cabinet behind me for all my paints and dyes like 7G Colorwashes. I also keep my crackle medium, walnut ink, and photo transfer spray in there. My shelf has my myriad of glues, erasers, pens, pencils, watercolors and such. To the left of that is one of my 7 drawer units which is 5 drawers full of stamping supplies, one drawer of organized ribbon and fiber and one drawer of items to alter.
This is a very slow process, but you have to get it just right so you can work with it. I found having the sewing machine on the end of my desk was not convenient. It's much better to have it where I can just turn and use it. I'm trying to make my desk free of everything so I have room just to spread out and create. I'll post a photo of my set up so far to give ideas. I'm pretty pleased with it. Finally!!!

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