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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Busy in my Scrap Room AGAIN

I was busy in my scrapbook room again today. I have several different piles on the floor as I am a "piler". That is how I sort stuff I don't want to put away. So I went through one pile and pulled out stickers that were in it since yesterday I organized those cropper hopper folders. That put a big dent in that one pile! I also put away a few scrapbooks I had on the floor. They were there from when I originally moved the big shelf they were on. I still need to move it, but I'm waiting until my air conditioner arrives so I don't get so sweaty and fall over from the heat!. It is still hot as fire here this time of year.

I worked on my dd's first page in her cheerleading book for this year. I had some fun sewing on it. I've stamped on it, embossed on it, sewn on it. I think it is turning out well. I just need to get the film developed that goes with it so I can add a photograph.

I also worked on my swap for the PoM. I'd say I am about 2/3 done. I hope to have them finished tomorrow so I can get them in the mail by the weekend.

I got my Club Scrap Jr. Science Kit today. I definitely want to play with that. It has some delicious jewel-tone colors that would go great with some of my Mexican photos from our cruise last summer. My plan is to play with that tomorrow. My tonic trimmer came, too. Oh, that looks so fantastic. I can't wait to chop away!

And finally, I cut up a bunch of vintage images and alphabets I had gotten at the GASC in Arlington, TX this summer. That will just make them easier to use and store.

I'd say all and all it was a very productive day. I need to get scanning some stuff so I have lots of photos on here. All this writing is just boring, boring, boring.

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