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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Day 2 and counting

This is me at the CS 2005 retreat where I met some awesome new scrapbooking friends. I went with my bff, Mandy, and we were bound and determined to get our picture taken with a cheesehead on. (Is that one word or two???) We finally found one at the airport where they had them for sale for some ridiculous price. Like I would wear this at home or want it in my house! We had already gotten license plates for our scrapbook page that we were going to make that said, "Say Cheese!" So you know this page is gonna happen!
I heard from one of my CS friends today. Her name is Misha and she lives in NY. Mandy and I met her on the last day as we were sitting outside waiting for our shuttle to the airport. We were scrapbooking to pass the time and there were three ladies outside: Kim, Annette, and Misha. We met Annette the first day. She is from FL. We met Kim from OK and Misha from NY during that time. They are such nice and fun ladies. Talk about a great time. Those pictures will definitely have to be in their own album.
No big plans today. I think I may just go around the house and move any remaining stuff up to the scraproom...maybe make some cards. Hey, at this point anything is progress, right!!!
One last thing. My bff, Mandy, saw my blog thing, and now she is making one, too. Isn't that fun!!!

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