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Friday, September 09, 2005

Photo Editing Software

My friend, Dawn-Marie, who I originally met when I was president of the Mom's group at church - when I went to that church, showed me how to use the Layers function on software when we had coffee with two other ladies two weeks ago. She is a photographer and had some photographs where there was color and black and white. I wanted to learn how to do that.
This was the photograph I started with. I then made another layer that was black and white and put it on top of this one. I erased the black and white over Caitee and added a fun border. And voila, I have a very cool effect and a fun picture. I wrote her name on her hat because I saw Dawn-Marie had done that to one of her photos, and I thought that was a very cool effect. I'm sure that I can do this better as I get more practice. Isn't it fun though, I hope you will try it!
I'm going to give it a shot with some vintage photos maybe. Not sure. I really like learning new stuff and trying it. This was done in ArcSoft4. It is very simple, but that is fine with me. Dawn-Marie has Adobe something and it is very detailed, but she really likes digital scrapbooking, too. I don't. I love the feel of cutting and glue. I think I never really got over kindergarten!
I guess that is my big scrapbook project of the day because I really haven't done anything else. I do plan to go in my scrapbook room today so I should have more to report about myself later.

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