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Friday, June 29, 2007

Crankin' Digi

Okay, digi lo number two...I've got

84 more layouts to go to hit my goal of 272 for the year.

I played with my font and the brushes and changed it up for the title. That was new. I added the black frame successfully. I also added text just on the lo instead of journaling on a tag or block.

My family loves that darn brick sandwhich. It's just a sandwhich you make on a big loaf of bread that you cut down the center and pile stuff on! But it is great to travel with and good at tailgating events, too.

I got this kit free at Scrapbookflair. They have free kits so I'm doing all my experimenting with those. I did download some "fill in the blanks" type lo's, too. I haven't done those yet. I do have a few more beach pics so I might try some of those for that!

I've been having fun and appreciate the comments folks are leaving about my new adventure! I'm sure I'll be posting something else later today. Maybe I'll try some more stuff and make something exciting. We'll have to see. AFter all, I've got all the time in the world, eh!

I have recovered from 3 days at cheer camp. I need to get those pictures up and edited. The girls are going to make a scrapbook on their camp adventure with pictures they pick. Caitee's like, "Mom, you should do it," but I don't like to scrapbook for other people. It's not "emotional". I'm vested in our books. Plus, they couldn't afford me! LOL!

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