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Saturday, June 30, 2007

More Digi Doin's

Okay, I used a free kit from 2Peas for this one because I needed a break from making my own elements. Kit is by Tia Bennett.

One of my friends at Scrapstreet mentioned a digi mag: Simple Scrapbooks so I went and got it. They have some articles in there on HOW TO and they are for PSE. I'm so glad about that. When I have to read articles in old versions or CS2 or CS3, you have to translate, which wouldn't be so bad, but I'm not sure where everything is yet!

I'm going to try making some bookplates. They have an article on that in there. Lots of digi stuff out there too, as far as kits and stuff. I checked out 2Peas since I sold all that stuff on e-bay. I might get one or two, but I want to make my own so I can sell mine, too!

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